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The Truth about the Congress of Neurological Surgeons

  • Posted on: 8 May 2017
  • By: adminneuro22
Neurosurgeon Neurosurgery

The CNS or the Congress of Neurological Surgeons is the professional association that represents the neurosurgeons, medical students, neurosurgical residents & allied health professionals. The Congress of Neurological Surgeons comes with numerous efforts that are aimed to advance neurosurgical education to practice neurosurgeons, medic al students, and resident neurosurgeons. Such efforts involve online products or services like the University of Neurosurgery, NeuroWiki and the Self-Assessment in the Neurological Surgery. Most of those educational efforts offer credits for ongoing medical education.

Aside from that, the Congress of Neurological Surgeons is also supporting the Neurosurgery Boot Camps which are relatively fun events for everyone. These are didactic and practical educational sessions which take place every year in the start of an academic year & introduce the basic concepts to the incoming neurosurgery interns. Such things are held jointly along with the Society of Neurological Surgeons. The neurosurgeons who are all board certified should successfully pass the maintenance of certification test to stay board certified by the ABNS or the American Board of Neurological Surgeons.

One of the components of the re-certification is the successful completion of self-evaluation in the neurological surgery test that is held each 3 years.

The official medical journal of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons is the Neurosurgery. The Congress of Neurological Surgeons is also producing Clinical Neurosurgery that comprises the proceedings of the yearly meeting. Apart from that, the Congress of Neurological Surgeons publishes and releases the CNS Quarterly that updates the members of the society on different CNS activities. These activities may include the socio-economic as well as the political activities of the organization on a quarterly basis.

The Congress of Neurological Surgeons is holding its 3 and ½ yearly meeting within the fall session of every year. The assembly entails the different elements of neurological study which involve the basic, clinical and translational aspects. The presentations are created in both poster and oral formats. Attending and being part of the yearly meeting gives the medical attendees with ongoing medical learning credits.

Besides, this meeting is also featuring named lectures, specifically the Dandy Lecture which was named in honor of the neurosurgical pioneer named Walter Dandy. The Congress of Neurological Surgeons is also claiming that they are the leader in the innovation and education, and that they are truly dedicated to advancing neurosurgery. They are practicing this internationally through inspiring as well as facilitating scientific discovery and the translation of it to clinical practice of the members of their society.

Congress of Neurological Surgeons is providing every member with the career development and educational opportunities which they need so that they will become innovators and leaders in the industry. The CNS Foundation is also supporting the dissemination as well as the creation of the neurosurgical clinical rules and also the promotion of the different educational programs which are primarily intended to improve the neurosurgical care.

The CNS is raising government awareness of the problems that affect the neurosurgeons as well as the patient care. They are providing 50% of cash that was obtained by the Washington office for representing their cause.